Turn to Richwood Transport LLC in Wisconsin for comfortable medical transports and hassle-free deliveries. We answer our emails in a timely fashion and can get back to you as soon as possible.Please send questions in an email to info@richwoodtransport.com.

Click the link below for an interactive map of designated Fitchburg pick up and drop off locations.

Fitchburg Rideshare is a municipality sponsored program. The City of Fitchburg has teamed up with Richwood Transport to provide affordable transportation to the residents of Fitchburg WI. This is made possible, because the City of Fitchburg has agreed to pay a portion of each ride within the Fitchburg city limits. Rides can be as cheap as $1 per ride for seniors and minors or as low as $2 per ride if riders go from a bus stop or designated stop to another bus stop or designated stop under 5 miles within Fitchburg. Anything over 5 miles is an additional $1.50 per mile that the rider will pay. If the rider gets picked up or dropped off at a "custom" pick up or drop off (not a bus stop or designated stop) then it adds $2 to each different location.  If you are a municipality and would like to set this up in your town, please send an email to info@richwoodtransport.com

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