1. Can my child, who is a minor, travel by themselves in a Richwood vehicle? 

Yes. You will need to fill out the Fitchburg Ride Share parental consent form. You can find this by clicking the link under the request a ride form at this web address. https://www.richwoodtransport.com/fitchburg-rideshare. Once you have the form filled out, please make sure your child brings it with them to show the driver before the ride takes place. Rider shall provide any appropriate restraint device (e.g. car seat) for use.

2. Will other passengers be picked up if my son or daughter is using this service? 

Minors are allowed to ride by themselves or with other minors. Drivers will only pick up other minors. Drivers are prohibited from picking up any adult riders while there is a minor riding without a parent or guardian in the vehicle.

3. Can a Fitchburg Ride Share Parental Consent Form be signed digitally by a parent and then shown to driver at pick up? 

This is for individuals who may have phones but cannot connect them to home internet/ or printer. Yes, a digitally signed consent form is acceptable.

4. Are bike racks available for loading/hauling my bike on the Richwood vehicle? 

Not at this time.

5. Are wheelchair accessible vehicles available?

Yes. When requesting your ride either online or over the phone you will be asked if a wheelchair is being used so the appropriate vehicle can be dispatched.

6. If I have a care-provider who is caring for me, will they be charged for using this service? 

No, care-providers can travel as an additional passenger without an added fee. Documentation as a care-provider may be requested.

7. If this is a pilot program, how long is it funded for? 

This is a pilot program to gain potential ridership information for an east-west bus route in Fitchburg. The Common Council would need to add funding to continue the service.

8. Who should I contact if I have questions, comments, or complaints about this service? 

Please contact Richwood Transport LLC at [email protected]

9. Can I request additional designated pick-up/drop-off locations to be added to the service? 

If the service moves off pilot status the city may consider additional stops.

10. Can Richwood create a ride form that will remember the name of a rider so he/she does not have to write in their information every time they would like a ride? 

Richwood is currently working on a phone app and new website that will allow this, but at this time that feature is not available.

11. Can a rider create an account? 

Richwood is currently working on a phone app and new website that will allow this, but at this time that feature is not available.

12. Can a rider buy a 20-ride ticket or punch card? 

No. The fare may be dependent upon a variety of factors.

13. Can a rider set up a daily time for the ride share to pick them up 2,3,4,5 days per week? 

Yes, we can set up a temporary and / or permanent recurring service. This must be done by requesting the ride over the phone one time. Please contact (608) 504-2453.

14. It is common for many Metro riders to go through Metro’s West Transfer point, why isn’t this a designated stop outside the city as is South Transfer point? 

The West Transfer Point has all-day everyday service into the city. The South Transfer Point does not. The South Transfer point is closer to the Fitchburg boundary.

15. The last question on the ride share request form is “Will you have a wheelchair*” What if I require a vehicle that is lift-equipped? 

An additional question is provided, “Do you require a vehicle that is lift-equipped?

16. How long will a driver wait until the rider is considered a no-show and drives off without passenger? 

Drivers will wait as long as possible for the rider, but after 5 minutes if they have another ride to get to, they will have to mark it as a no show and leave.

17. How long does it take for a driver to get to the pickup spot once a request is made? 

This will all depend on rider volume, where the drivers are at the time of the request and traffic, but our goal is to be to the pick up as close to 20 minutes or sooner as possible.

18. Does the driver call the rider if the rider is not present at the requested time? 

Yes, they will also call while they are on their way to provide an estimated arrival time.

19. Is there an additional charge for being late? 

If the driver has another ride to get to, they will have to leave after the 5 minute wait time so the other rider isn’t late.

20. How far in advance does the rider need to request the meeting time? 

The driver can request the trip request as far out as they would like. They can even set up reoccurring trips if it is the same time, pick up and drop off locations, and the same day (s) every week.

21. Do I have to be a Fitchburg resident to use the service? 

No. Any person can obtain a ride provided it is within the city of Fitchburg, or to the South Transfer Point.

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